On Happiness, Social Media, Collecting Things and Olympic Sports: Our Favorite Student Comments of the Week

On Happiness, Social Media, Collecting Things and Olympic Sports: Our Favorite Student Comments of the Week

It was a busy week of commenting on our site, as this lengthy collection of favorite responses to our recent writing prompts will show.Wilmington, N.C., we love hearing from your students each week. As regular contributors, if you have any feedback, or would like to suggest particular Times articles we should choose for our prompts, please let us know in the comments. (Actually, that goes for anyone reading this!)This week we also want to recognize a new group from Maine, and let old favorite programs like YC-CLIP know that it’s good to see your students back on the site.Riley Thibault from Maine thought such a class would be unnecessary:I think the school should offer resources for students to feel happy but not offer classes like Yale is. I think the school should stick to academics and not turn classes into a rehab centers. I would be O.K. with if the school wereto offer a program in which students were taught to make others happy. I think this way because you come to school to learn not feel better that what hospitals are for. With saying that, I do think schools should offer resources and help for those feeling unhappy.

Immanuel Libby from Maine disagreed:I think that, since happiness is different for different people, it will be difficult to teach, and the material taught will not be perfect for every specific situation … [but] as long as it works and people are becoming happier, I think it’s a fantastic idea that will help the stress of college life, especially at a school like Yale.Esther Ofielu from Maine sees the benefits of learning about positive psychology:I would not want my school to offer this class. I don’t think the kids in my high school would take it seriously. They would probably just be on their phones the entire time. However, I do think schools should at least offer a class on happiness, maybe not on how to get it. But rather on how studies show others feel happiness. I think this class would be better as a psychology class on happiness.Sophia Elliopulos from Maine believes a class like this could help students manage their stress:I think I would like to have a class like this because I get so wrapped up in the pressure to do well in school that I sometimes put my happiness to the side and only focus on school. I think if my school had this class it would actually improve academics because when I’m stressed I will do worse than if I am calm about it. I think this class should be graded but only for effort. It would be kind of counterproductive if you were getting stressed about a class that teaches you how to not be stressed.

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