Aerospace company Boeing is all set to bring revolution in satellites development. The company is planning to build the satellite that focus on automating the process and making it easier to ramp production as well as increase efficiency.

This new process involves the use of modular 3D- printed parts and need less manpower. Isn’t great!!!By taking this step Aerospace is attempting to create a future where costs are driven down on one hand and could stand out against the other private players present in the market on the other hand.

Talking about the new process Beoing’s satellite business lead Paul Rusnock said in an interview that his company is taking measures like employing more 3D printing wherever possible and sampling the designs of the satellites themselves.

Currently, Satellites have to rely upon one-off parts that are very expensive and time-consuming to produce. On the other hand, Use of more standardize, cross-purpose and modular satellite components is driving new efficiencies and reducing overall cost and time.

Rusnock asserted that there’s nothing stopping company from Realizing huge reductions in production schedules.” Its ultimate goal is to find a way for its spacecraft business to replicate its aircraft division’s speed: it only takes the company 11 days to build a whole 737.