In the Strait of Hormuz, navy of Iran conducted rocket tests near US warships last week and other commercial vessels, said the American military.

The tests frighten to generate new tensions following their landmark nuclear deal between the 2 nations.

Kyle Raines spokesman of the US military said that Iran fired many unguided rockets of 1,370m (1,500 yards) from a French frigate and 2 vessels of US.

The tests were having strong reactions, said Cmdr Raines.

Iran conducts 'provocative' live rocket tests near US ships

The Strait of Hormuz, a narrow waterway between Oman and Iran, which provides about a 3rd of oil trading by sea.

It was crucial for ships which took part against Islamic State in the war.

Iran frightened to block the strait in 2012, which is thirty-three km (21 miles) broad at its narrowest point and lies at the Gulf’s entrance.

In the words of US, the latest incident includes a series of tests of weapons by the media of Iran, Islamic Republic and officials had not hurriedly comment on the reports.

Before firing the rockets, the ships of Iran declared their intention of carrying the test for twenty-three minutes over the radio of maritime.