Celebrities and music stars paid their deepest tribute to Motorhead frontman Lemmy, who died at the age of seventy.

In Los Angeles, Lemmy died when he was at home, after 2 days to know that he had cancer.

In 1975, Lemmy formed Motorhead and recorded twenty-two albums, which also consisted the classic Ace of Spades.

On Facebook, the band said on its page that their noble, mighty friend Lemmy had passed away after a fight with cancer.

The band added that they couldn’t express their sadness and shock. They didn’t have words to describe.

Stars pay tribute to Motorhead’s Lemmy

They told their fans to play loud music of Lemmy.

Lemmy died 2 days after attaining the age of seventy. He was the only member of Motorhead.

Motorhead’s manager, Todd Singerman, told that Lemmy had cancer in his neck and brain and his death was a shock.

He said that Lemmy died when he was with his family while sitting in front of his favorite video game.

Singerman gave Lemmy the tag of pinnacle. Someone said that he lived his life well and he was one of the true rock stars.