A frozen kitten was rescued by a Utah family on Thanksgiving Day. The Bingham family will remember this day for a lifetime! They gave life to a nearly dead kitten found in the snow right outside a lodge in Garden City, Utah. The kitten seemed to have no pulse and it took patience and love on the part of the Bingham family to resuscitate the few weeks old kitten. The video of the rescue is just recently released.

Miracle on Thanksgiving Day

It was the best Thanksgiving Day for the Bingham family from Utah. They never imagined that their visit in Garden City would make Thanksgiving Day a day for miracles. The Bingham family was just happy to wake up in a foot of snow and rushed to get their boots on to play outside. “My oldest son tripped on what it seemed to be a dead cat”, Branden Bingham said. The whole family rushed to check whether the kitten was still alive. The poor thing wouldn’t move and at first glance there was no detectable pulse, but the Bingham family was determined to bring the cat back to life.

Utah Family Brings Life Back to a Kitten Found Frozen in the Snow

His brother, Justin Bingham, took the cat into the cabin. He had taken some pre-veterinary classes and had some idea on what to do. His knowledge along with everyone’s love, affection and patience paid off. While Branden Bingham took his kids outside to play and forget about the unfortunate incident, Justin Bingham kept the kitten in his hands for over an hour rubbing his belly and the tiny frozen body. Suddenly, he could see the little tongue moving inside the kitten’s mouth.

Lazarus was resurrected again

It was a matter of hours before the kitten gained back his strength and his lovely eyes got their blue color back. When the rest of the Bingham family came in from outside, they couldn’t believe the kitten was alive. The children were jumping up and down from joy screaming from the top of their lungs: “The cat is alive! The cat is alive!” Branden Bingham’s wife was hesitant at first to take the kitten back home with them because she is allergic. When she discovered that she had no allergic reaction to the cat, the tiny kitten became part of the Bingham family. No wonder why they name it Lazarus! Initially the kids wanted to call him Olaf. Eventually, they agreed on calling him Lazarus-Olaf, as the kitten was raised from the snow and saved from certain death! The Bingham family was thankful! Exactly what the day was all about!